7 Ways to Protect Your Car Paint

July 5, 2019 Car Detailing in Sri LankaCeramic Paint CoatingExterior

Car owners would do anything to protect their car – and this involves protecting the car paint and nano coating in Colombo as well, be it against bird droppings or scratches or car wash. Here are some expert tips to take good care of your car paint and make your car really shine!

1. Know what’s damaging to the car paint

Bird droppings or any animal excrement for that matter are very corrosive and the longer it remains on the car, the greater damage it can do. What’s also damaging to the car paint is the sticky film that covers the cars which are parked under lime trees during the Spring season. This is a phenomenon that is known as honeydew. When this film appears on the car, it can burn itself into the paint in sunlight. This is also the sort of damage that is irreversible unless repaired professionally so bird droppings and honeydew must be washed off as soon as possible.

2. Don’t be neglectful of paint

Car lovers will wash their cars at least weekly and failing to provide regular car care is a huge mistake many owners make. If you take good care of the car paint, it will be more resistant to external influences and you won’t have to spend extra money on expensive repairs.

3. Give a proper car wash

Certain car washes have cloths while others have brushes and both ways are fine. However, do the clothes or brushes have sand on it which makes it act like a sandpaper and damage the paint surface? This is why you need to pay close attention to the car wash itself and having a closer look at the brushes is a good way of discarding it should it contain brittle or torn nylon threads where dirt can gather. Furthermore, a good car wash should be followed up with a wax and this helps seal the top coat of the car paint, thereby protecting it from external influences.

4. Wash by hand

If you would rather prefer to wash your car yourself then kudos to you! In fact, washing the car by hand is the kindest way of treating the car and it’s important to use mild cleaning agents that have a low pH value. Also use soft cloths, clean sponges and brushes when washing the car. When using the pressure washer, due to the intense water pressure, the paint can get damaged and if you notice that the water jet is painful to your hand, then you would know it’s harmful to the car too.

5. Car polishing

When you start noticing that your car is not as shiny as it once was, it does worry you a lot. And seeing tiny scratches only makes it worse. If this is the case, then it’s time for a polish. Car polish has micro-fine abrasives and they help in gently cleaning the paint surface without causing any damage to it. In addition to freshening the paint, it also protects it against the weather.

6. Do frequent touch-ups

Sometimes, the scratch marks on the car will be visible even after a polish. If so, you will need to have it touched up. Since paint repair often depends on specific circumstances, this should only be performed by a trained specialist staff. They may advice you and recommend paint pens and spray cans.

7. Matt paint

Matt paint requires a different level of care. For instance, you cannot polish the car because the abrasives in the polish would remove the matt paint’s characteristic rough surface. Wax sealants damage matt paint too, as does brushes of car washes that would have a smoothing effect on the matt paint. If your car has matt paint, you should wash it by hand or use a pressure washer with special cleaning and care products.

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