Ceramic Coating Vs Traditional Wax

In the present day, the options for vehicle coatings and waxes and virtually limitless. As far as the traditional options for sealants and waxes are concerned, these have been available for decades but more recently, we have seen new products known as ceramic or ‘nano coatings’ in Sri Lanka which have risen in popularity. This has paved the way for the car detailing in Sri Lanka to revolutionize the way in which our vehicles can be detailed and protected.

A ceramic coating such as the System X is a liquid polymer that is applied to the exterior of the vehicle by hand. This coating bonds chemically with the vehicle’s paint, thereby creating a protective layer on top of the vehicle’s already existing clear coat. An interesting point to note is that once the layers of the ceramic coating have been applied and a paint depth gauge is used to measure the thickness of the paint, the paint will measure out to be thicker than it was previously in the factory.

There are several benefits of nanocoatings, as follows:

– Nanocoatings lasts much longer than any wax. It’s also more resistant to scratch and marks ensuring that the finish of the paint will remain intact as it was on the day it was coated.

– This coating has a superior UV protection. This means that the paint will not oxidize even after it has been exposed to intense UV rays from the sun.

– It is more resistant to chemicals and bird droppings, hard degreasers, and tree sap will not cause the coating to deteriorate as it would on wax coatings.

– Due to its hydrophobic effects, cleaning the vehicle is a lot easier. Due to its extreme aversion to water, it makes it a lot easier to maintain and dry off the vehicle.

– Grime, dust and dirt will not stick on the paint as much, making it easier to maintain as well.

– A well-coated vehicle will have a very high intense shine and gloss for many more years to come.

Traditional waxes and sealants have their own fair share of benefits too. Nanocoatings require a well trained professional technician to do some intense preparations and paint corrections for the ceramic coatings to be utilized to its maximum potential. Improper installation can heavily alter the paint of the vehicle which in turn, will lead to many other problems in the long run.

The greatest benefit of a traditional wax is its ease of use and almost anyone can do it all by themselves. These products also offer versatility in terms of application methods, making it a cost-effective alternative. Since nano coatings require more complexity, it is more expensive than a traditional wax or sealant. However, since waxes are not known to be as long-lasting as nanocoatings, waxes need to be reapplied often. With nanocoatings, you can be assured that your vehicle is protected for years to come.

The bottom line is that the battle of nano coating vs wax will continue to go on. But as a vehicle owner, you have to consider some key factors such as the time you have to spend on your car, the maintenance that goes into it and how the car is going to be used. Considering this will allow you to decide which option you should go for. Usually, wax allows more flexibility with regards to the full detailing process on a more regular basis. This means that it serves the detailing enthusiast better. However, if you are simply looking to protect your vehicle paint from the harsh factors around it, then a highly durable ceramic coating will be a smarter choice to make.

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