Tips To Help You Decide On The Right Car Paint Colour

Are you about to repaint your old vehicle? Or are you trying to decide on the ideal colour of paint for your next car? There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a paint colour for a car and if the job is rushed, it’s easy to overlook some small but important steps in the process. The paint on your car does more than just express your personal preferences. You want to opt for a colour that is easily visible on the road while concealing dirt and mud. Instead of just picking just any colour that is available, here are some tips to give thought to when choosing a car paint colour that best suits you:


While some people are inclined to bold colours like red and blue, bright colours might end up costing you more money. Studies have shown that it may be wise to avoid bold colours like red because it is likely to draw more attention and police are more likely to pull over red vehicles than any other colour. Some insurance companies even charge higher premiums for vehicles with ‘risky’ or bright and bold colours like red or yellow, while other insurance companies offer lower premiums for ‘safe’ colours like white and silver. Furthermore, paint colours like silver and white reflect sunlight more effectively, making them ideal paint colours for optimal road visibility.


Think about what you want the colour of your car to convey. Do you want it to stand out from the crowd? Do you want your car to be seen as sophisticated and stylish? Or do you want your car to blend along with the other vehicles and not stand out? Do your research about the emotions and psychology behind colours online. Choose red if you want attention, black if you want to look elegant and wealthy or neutrals like beige if you want to blend in with no fuss. Doing your research will help you choose a car paint colour that will not only suit your tastes but also suit your car perfectly.


If you want to repaint your car with a classic style, like vintage, vintage reproduction or from the 80’s, make sure you consider both the historical accuracy as well as the newest developments in paint technology. Car paint colours have steadily changed over the years and today’s paint colours will not always suit a car from the 60’s. Even though modern companies have reproduced most factory car colours for historically popular car models, some paint colours are very difficult to find.


The top four car paint colours usually are black, white, red and silver/grey. Natural paint shades like brown, gold and yellow are rising in popularity. Car paint colour trends certainly come and go in the blink of an eye. Nevertheless, doing your own research on the top car paint colours will help you discover colours and paint job examples you never thought possible. Whether you want to choose an in-trend colour or a colour that will set you apart, it’s always worth doing a little research on the top choices.

If you’re looking to go with popular styles like satin or matte paint jobs, remember that they can cost extra and call for more maintenance so make sure you research the long-term requirements of each painting style before you settle on one.


Once you are able to narrow down some options on car paint colour, make sure to consider your car’s make and model as well. A colour like yellow will look great on a sports car but will not suit a pickup truck. Red is an excellent option for a lot of car models but it can look overpowering on a conservative sedan. Also make sure to consider both your driving personality and the car that you drive while deciding on the final car colour paint option.

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